A link to this post was just sent to me by a friend, and I found the story fantastic for multiple reasons. I’ll try and unpack it further later today or tomorrow, but my initial take on this story is that I really appreciate the representation of fully consensual BDSM. It’s not related to porn or sex work, but as a representation of multiple intersections of sexuality I think it’s fantastic. I also think that although it qualifies more as memoir than erotica, it could be examined as an expression of feminist pornography (but more thought on that is required).

Daisy Danger

“No,” I huff in frustration. “I just can’t get there. It’s me, not you.”

Will wipes his hand off on the towel. I lay back on the bed and stare at the ceiling while he lights a cigarette. I hate this. We’ve both agreed that sometimes one of us just can’t come and it’s no one’s fault. It just is, but it’s no less frustrating when it happens.

I watch Will as he reclines in the chair, still naked. A streak of sunshine cuts across one shoulder, highlighting a gentle curve in his arm. I watch his muscles flex as moves around, lights a cigarette, takes a drink. I’m so lucky I found him, we’re a perfect fit for each other, he’s smart, funny, an incredible fuck. I love the arch of his back, the slight bend of his cock…

“What?” I catch Will watching me just as intently.  I…

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