My brain stops working at 7:30 pm (it’s tragic, but true) so no analysis right now. But this post (SFW), laying the Olympics and pole dancing/stripping side by side, really struck a chord with me. (Particularly the anger directed at feminists who want to make stripping/pole dancing illegal – another moment when my inner voice said “whoa, whoa, whoa… that feminism isn’t my feminism!”)

From the post: “Who ‘objectifies’ and fetishizes us? It’s not the majority of the customers in the strip pubs. What does that ridiculous word ‘objectification’ even mean?  Some of the bizarre questions and obsessional sanction we get from the prohibitionists verges on a weird kind of voyeurism. I love my art form and have recently added another move to my repertoire, which is exciting and very satisfying. I look forward to doing more training and getting more graceful. I like the feeling of health and strength, and I like my biceps, even though they may not be considered feminine. We are independent and strong women. We do not need to patronized or rescued. We need to be celebrated!”

I do think that objectification is a real thing, and a valid one to critique. Though, like in the earlier post about consensual objectification, I don’t think it’s the black-and-white, always negative thing that it is often portrayed as.

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