I wrote an honours thesis

For real.

For the sake of honesty, I will admit that the version I printed, bound, and handed in had two errors in the table of contents, which I fixed for this version. Other than that, this is my (hopefully) final product. If it’s awful, I’ll have to rewrite.

It was a monster to complete.

I’m hoping to write a retrospective piece for Dr. Srivastava (who should have been in my acknowledgements – I missed a few people) and I’ll post that here when it’s done.

But now!

My English Honours thesis.

Sostar – Redefining the Money Shot

* Edited to add, again for the sake of honesty, I forgot to include Courtney Trouble in the acknowledgements. Which, considering it was her email that suggested the comparison, is inexcusable. So I changed it to add her.

3 comments on “I wrote an honours thesis

  1. mx_niko says:

    that was pretty awesome! (I read the whole thing) I’m going to check this film out now.

    • Thank you!! It’s kind of mind-blowing that someone would read the whole thing – I really appreciate it!

      • mx_niko says:

        The mind-blowing pleasure was mutual then (and hopefully respectfully so). I’ll admit not incredibly well-read in the sphere of pornography/feminist/queer literature (microscopes tho, I’m your kid), but you made my mind move. I’m still struggling to define my own identity and queerness, and am an avid porn lover. I’ve always struggled with my love of porn, because mainstream porn discards feminine actualization in favor of masculine forcefullness, but thankfully I came into it in the era of online downloads where I could seek my own pleasure, and not be forced into a narrow selection from the mainstream.

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