I am a queer, kinky, polyamorous genderqueer student at the University of Calgary, working on a combined degree in English and Women’s Studies.

This is a blog for documenting my research process and thoughts for both English 517 (my summer directed study course in Contemporary Feminisms, which is prep for English 504) and English 504 (my full-year English Honours course). My topic of study is feminist porn.

In this blog I will be posting links to articles that I find online (both academic and non-academic) along with responses to those articles, as well as journal entries documenting my thoughts throughout the process, reviews of the porn that I’m watching, and possibly annotated bibliographies, essays, or my own contributions to feminist pornography in the form of erotic writing (though I am specifically studying feminist film pornography).

Over the summer semester, this blog will form the bulk of my portfolio for English 517.

I plan on continuing it throughout the 2012-2013 academic year as a place to document and track my progress through the honours course, and potentially onward into the 2013-2014 academic year as I track my progress through my Women’s Studies Honours project, which will be on a related topic.

Honours Thesis Topic (from my application):

The Good for Her Feminist Porn Awards are the “longest running celebration of erotica focused on women and marginalized people”, with the goal of “showcas[ing] and honour[ing] those who are creating erotic media with a feminist sensibility”. The goal of this Honours project is to examine the “feminist sensibility” of the Feminist Porn Awards, and to closely examine two of the 2012 Feminist Porn Award winners in an effort to understand what is meant by the term “feminist porn.” The films examined will be Erika Lust’s Cabaret Desire, winner of “Best Movie” and Courtney Trouble’s Fuckstyles of the Queer and Famous, winner of “Most Deliciously Diverse Cast.” These were chosen because they each provide a variety of scenes to analyze, and they have each received critical acclaim outside the Feminist Porn Awards either for the film itself (Fuckstyles) or for the director (Cabaret Desire).

Mainstream porn is frequently accused of normalizing misogynist and non-consensually violent performances of sexuality. This project will examine what it is that feminist porn normalizes, and how porn earns a feminist label and embodies feminist ideals.

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